Matthew Williams was born and raised in the small town of Hubbardston, Massachusetts. Living in a small town, with limited opportunities, he found himself creating his own entertainment, often through adventure and exploration. Matthew enrolled at UNH as an environmental engineering student but found his true passion for photography, his sophomore year, after taking an intro to digital photography class with Julee Holcombe. Matthew then switched his major to “Fine Arts with a Concentration in Photography”. An observer can detect Matthew’s interest in both the environment and engineering, as seen in his artwork. Throughout  Matthew’s years as a UNH art student, he has worked as a supervisor and assistant in the photography digital labs and darkroom helping students. In addition to supervising the labs, Matthew also was a teacher’s assistant for Julee Holcombes’s Intro to Darkroom class.  
Outside of UNH, some of Matthew’s accomplishments include an exhibition at the 3S Art Space in Portsmouth, NH as well as being nominated for a scholarship to attend and participate at Anderson Ranch in 2019. Matthew graduates in the Spring of 2021 and plans to pursue a career in real estate photography. 
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